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ダニエル•イノウエミ•ュージアム 上陽町でハワイアンタッチ





God love’s you!

Daniel Inouye has been a well known politician in USA (elected for 9 terms in US Senate); he was born from a Japanese family emigrated from Yame Kamiyokoyama village to the Hawaii.

Invested with prestigious honors both in the United States and in Japan, he has been rewarded by having his name in the Honolulu International Airport and in the main highway of the arcipelago. In Joyomachi's museum you can find a path to discover and learn about his life and achievements, a cafe "Mahalo" where to enjoy an very tasty Hawaiian style burger and a shop where you can buy the famous green tea of Yame along with other many local products and a beer brewed in Yame in memory of Daniel Inouye: you can drink it at the outside tables or seated at the scenic inside counter ....or just over the bridge watching a bucolic panorama.

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